When Someone You Love Is In Pain


When someone you love is in pain, you look for ways to be helpful. When we love someone so much, it seems harder to see them hurting than to feel hurt ourselves. I find this especially true with my children….

What If You’ve Done Nothing Wrong?


Guilt. It plagues us all. It makes us feel embarrassed, humiliated, undeserving, unworthy and small. Guilt feels worse than awful which immobilizes us so we get stuck in this miserable place. We all make mistakes and bad choices sometimes. Mostly it is accidental…

Writing To Heal-Words To Heal By


Painful feelings expressed into words uncap a pressure and undermine a power that can bring us down. My clients and friends often write me to release this pressure. The proverbial “getting things off your chest” can be just the ticket to get…

This Valentine’s Day Give Love To Someone


Give love XXXVI BY MICHAEL FIELD Yea, gold is son of Zeus: no rust     Its timeless light can stain; The worm that brings man’s flesh to dust     Assaults its strength in vain: More gold than gold the love I…

Amp Your Spirit


This week a client of mine told me that listening to music, “Amped his spirit.”  This phrasing lingered in my head and I fell hopelessly in love with it. Today I share with you a video that I have watched…

Breaking the Silence of Rape and Sexual Abuse


Every two minutes someone in the US is sexually assaulted. Every two minutes. That’s twenty people in the time it took me to write this post. Nineteen of them are women. (With childhood sexual abuse, victim’s gender ratio is 3…

Begin With A Beginner’s Mind


There are three ways to start the day: “This day is going to be awful.” “This day is going to be great.” and  “I don’t know what today’s going to be like and what it may mean.” Beginning with a…

Goodbye, Fear. Good Riddance.


A few weeks ago, I invited people to write their own goodbye letters to fear on my Anxiety Schmanxiety Blog. I said: Write a goodbye letter to fear. Start with, “Dear Fear,” and let ‘em have it. Name your fears, tell…