Healing Is A Shift In Perspective


Truth by definition is absolute. It is definitive. It is what it is and that is it. However, I have come to believe that not much is true in the literal sense. What we believe is perception, rather than truth….

5 Elements Of A Useful Therapeutic Document


What did she say? Conversations are easy to forget. So I am all for writing things down that you want to remember. Especially when it comes to helping ourselves dissolve some of the problems in our lives. Writing can be…

How To Write An Affirmation That Works


By definition, affirmation is “a declaration that something is true.” And also known as “a form of prayer that focuses on a positive outcome.” So how do you write an affirmation that works? But it is not as simple as looking in…

Positive, Present Tense, Repetition, High Emotion


When I was in grade school, I went to a memory improvement workshop. The leader taught us four important elements to improving memory skills. They are positive, present tense, repetition, and high emotion. They are hard to write without yelling….

What Do You Love?


Today I want to share one of my greatest loves. (Besides my readers, of course!) Plants! If I wasn’t a social worker, I would definitely do something with plants for my day job. For someone who works long lovely days…

No One Understands Me


There are all these quotations on Facebook that tell us that we just have to “let go” of our feelings and we’ll “feel better.” But when our feelings are so intense and we would give anything to get rid of…

Skills In Breaking Free


I talk much about taking action in life and acknowledge that we all take action towards a conscious purpose. To illustrate this today I share the skills and knowledges document created at the Reclaiming Your Soul Retreat last month. All of…

Resilience of The Human Spirit


How do they do that? Having worked with so many people who have undergone unspeakable trauma, I’ve heard stories of amazing survival skills. It is surprising what we can endure and survive. I think many of us agree that we…

Making Dandelion Vinegar: From Mom To Mom


Just wanting to be the first to wish you all Happy Mother’s Day! And I am talking to anyone, of any gender, who have raised children or not. Everyone is included because we all have some mothering skills at our…