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me with book

All are welcome to my Book Launch Party!

Saturday, April 30th at 6:30PM

Rochester Academy of Medicine

1441 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14610 

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20 Ways To Calm From Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety is curable. Even if therapy hasn’t worked. Even if you feel hopeless.

Watch free videos

I know you feel defeated and exhausted from trying so hard to feel better.

I’ve been there. I have felt so overwhelmed with emotions that I could barely get out of bed. That’s why I’m glad you are here.

I can help you.

You probably want to punch people in the face who say,  “It is a choice to be happy!” and then don’t show you how to do it. I know I did.

You might have tried books, and prayer, and therapy, and exercise to feel better. Me, too.

Most self-help gurus focus on inspiring you to believe you can change. If you’re not getting anywhere with this, I understand.

Stop blaming yourself.

I’ll explain why other self-help advice is not working for you. Then, I’ll show you what to do about it. Check out my videos, programs, and counseling that teach you how to heal your mind, body, and soul. They are based on 20+ years as a psychotherapist, healing my own problems and thousands of others.

Get started with my free ebook and videos – The Seven Steps to Whole Peace, to learn how I work, how I think, and to get immediate comfort for your soul.

jodi aman map to whole peace book

Happiness is not just something lucky people have.

How do you know you are ready to master happiness in your own life?

  • You know in your heart that there is more in you than you see right now.
  • You are open to discovering the skills that you have.
  • You are willing to do the practices to free yourself from the pain you are in.

jodi aman counseling rochester ny

Work with me

Counseling and consulting in person, phone or via Skype I work with kids, teens, adults, couples, and families. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, history of trauma, marital problems, grief, spiritual questions, and more, I would like to help.


Guided Meditation Classes

Monday 7-8PM, Spring session starts April 4th, runs 8 weeks in West Irondequoit, NY Come start your week off relaxing and rejuvenating. Spend some time with the breath, relaxing your body and mind, and listening to your own wisdom.

individual healing retreats

Individual Healing Retreats

You, me and 3 days of a personal, focused healing milieu A few slots a year are reserved for people who are interested in taking a break to fully focus on their healing journey. Email me to organize your individual retreat today at

Heal from anxiety and fear in the comfort of your own home.

free anti anxiety video series

Give Fear the Boot! Live Free From Anxiety

My Online Anxiety Recovery Program If you are struggling with anxiety, worry or panic, you have come to the right place. Whether you register for the online program or just watch the Anti-Anxiety Free Video Series, you’ll find that the POWER to live your life free from anxiety and panic is in your hands. In it, I break down anxiety, explaining it all and tell you exactly what to do to get anxiety out of your life!

Helping kids get rid of anxiety

Give Fear the Boot KIDS! Helping Kids Shrink Anxiety

My Online Anxiety Recovery Program for Kids and their Parents Such a high value for a low price! Only $24.99. If your child is struggling with anxiety, worry or panic, this program is for you! When you sign up, you get over 20 videos, audios and handouts that give you and your children tactical instructions on how to help them overcome their fears and get back to having fun. You will all discover why kids get anxious, you will learn which skills help kids get rid of anxiety and most of all be relieved by knowing how to help your family get back on track!

21 guided meditations

Living Free 21 Day Guided Meditation Series

My 21 Downloadable Guided Healing Meditations Especially if you are new to meditation, these will give you focus and ability! I guide you through self-healing and introspection in these 8-18 minute meditations specifically created to help you let go of the past and rejuvinate the present. Learn how to be your own healer.


The Map To Whole Peace Free Video Series

7 Steps, 7 Videos, 7 Days  Get started on your path to feeling better by signing up for this free video series. Nothing for sale here, just helping you understand my philosophy of healing and method of helping people feel better. This is the path I take people on when she work with them one-on-one or in groups. People RAVE about this free video series! I’m so happy!

Books by Jodi Aman

absent but implicit michael white

Understanding Pain, Anger, and Fear: Michael White’s Absent But Implicit

Now on Amazon! $7 paperback, $2.99 Kindle Outlines what is in the shadows of our most frustrating feelings, and teaches how to let go through validation. While originally meant for therapists, it is a must-read for counselors, teachers, authors, parents, and anyone in a relationship.

Help yourself to feeling better...