Are You Feeling Lonely?


Are you feeling lonely this holiday? Loneliness is one of the worst feelings in the world. So many people feel alone, and holidays–since it seems as if everyone besides you is happy and warm–enhance these feelings.

Earth Wisdom For Higher Consiousness


The workshop went great! I am planning a weekend training in 2014! Sign up below for updates so you don’t miss the info!   Great news! My grandpa’s eulogy was published in an anthology: Inspiring Hope: One Story At A Time,…

Love What You Do


<crickets> Things have been quiet around here, and maybe some of you are wondering why. You know when you are doing a big project, some of the everyday maintenance gets put off a bit? Like when you are busy painting the…

Love On The Rocks


This summer I spent some time with my dearest loves. Rocks. You know I love plants, but did you know that rocks are very close second? I made a commitment earlier this summer to lie on the ground three times a…

Why did you become a therapist?


Last week, someone I just met asked me, “Why did you become a therapist?” The words, “I don’t know” flew out of my mouth. “You don’t know?” he said indignant. But I paused to think. I thought about all the…

How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways


1. Make time for yourself to lie down and connect with the earth. Whether I can be outside or not, lying down supine on the earth is my favorite position to forgive.  To let everything go, I just imagine it…

Lovely Signs That We Are Not Alone


In supervision today, I was telling my supervisee about how people who are hurting sometimes isolate themselves. A man described it to me last week as standing outside looking in the window of a house where a party is going…

New Year’s Mission


Every Labor Day, I reflect on my life’s work. It is perfect timing with the start of the new academic year. Any “beginning” is a time for reflection on what’s worked in the past and what needs changing. Change is…