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Meet Jodi

Jodi Aman has dedicated her life to helping people heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She created two Online Anxiety Recovery Programs: Give Fear The Boot! and Give Fear the Boot KIDS!  for people who want to kick fear, stress and doubt OUT OF THEIR LIVES, for good!

As a practicing psychotherapist for 20 years, workshop facilitator, and motivational speaker, she’s helped people with every problem in the book. By reflecting back the best in people, she helps them break down guilt and fear in order to allow the person they want to be in the world to shine through.

People leave her presence feeling light, whole, and knowing their next steps to sustain that good feeling. Her practicality and light-heartedness is like a light shining in the darkness. She doesn’t tell you what to do, she shows you.

Jodi began sharing her message via blogging in 2009, and started her YouTube show in 2014.

She’s raising kids in Rochester, NY, where she lives close to the earth, nurturing her garden, hanging out with her chickens, amd gathering all that life has to offer.

She’s an anxiety-tamer, forgiveness-counselor, relationship-coach, guilt-releaser, unconditional-lover, hope-renewer and your biggest fan!

Hang out with her all around the town…

Online Programs

free anti anxiety video series

Give Fear the Boot! Live Free From Anxiety

Jodi’s Online Anxiety Recovery Program
If you are struggling with anxiety, worry or panic, you have come to the right place. Whether you register for the online program or just watch the Anti-Anxiety Free Video Series, you’ll find that the POWER to live your life free from anxiety and panic is in your hands. In it, I break down anxiety, explaining it all and then lift you up and out of the emotional suffering!

Helping kids get rid of anxiety

Give Fear the Boot KIDS! Helping Kids Shrink Anxiety

Jodi’s Online Anxiety Recovery Program for Kids and their Parents
If your child is struggling with anxiety, worry or panic, this program is for you! When you sign up, you get over 20 videos, audios and handouts that give you and your children tactical instructions on how to help them overcome their fears and get back to having fun. You will all discover why kids get anxious, you will learn which skills help kids get rid of anxiety and most of all be relieved by knowing how to help your family get back on track!

21 guided meditations

LIVING FREE 21 Day Guided Meditation Series

Jodi’s 21 Downloadable Guided Healing Meditations
Especially if you are new to meditation, these will give you focus and ability! Jodi guides you through self-healing and introspection in these 8-18 minute meditations specifically created to help you let go of the past and rejuvinate the present. Learn how to be your own healer.


The Map To Whole Peace Free Video Series

7 Steps, 7 Videos, 7 Days 
Get started on your path to feeling better by signing up for this free video series. Nothing for sale here, just helping you understand Jodi’s philosophy of healing and method of helping people feel better. This is the path Jodi takes people on when she work with them one-on-one or in groups.

Get help in person

jodi aman counseling rochester ny

Counseling with Jodi

Counseling and consulting in person, phone or via Skype
Referrals accepted for kids, teens, adults, couples, and families. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, history of trauma, marital problems, grief, spiritual questions, and more, Jodi would like to help.


Guided Meditation Classes

Monday 7-8PM, November 2-December 21, 2015 in West Irondequoit, NY
Come start your week off relaxing and rejuvenating. Spend some time with the breath, relaxing your body and mind, and listening to your own wisdom.


Individual Healing Retreats

You and Jodi, 3 days, personal, focused healing milieu

A few slots a year are reserved for people who are interested in taking a break to fully focus on their healing journey. Email us to organize your individual retreat today at

Books by Jodi Aman

absent but implicit michael white

Understanding Pain, Anger, and Fear: Michael White’s Absent But Implicit

Now on Amazon! $7 paperback, $2.99 Kindle
Outlines what is in the shadows of our most frustrating feelings, and teaches how to let go through validation. While originally meant for therapists, it is a must-read for counselors, teachers, authors, parents, and anyone in a relationship.

A note from Jodi

Dear readers, clients, students and friends,
Thank you for coming! I am so glad you are here. My heart is open to receive the worries on your mind. It is time to unload and bring healing to your life. All of our problems hurt our heart. Here, we hold all of our present stress, the experiences of the past, the guilt of what we think we are, and the weariness of going on, etc. Our minds are where we tell the stories that shape the meanings of these feelings in our hearts. Stories make us feel happy, sad, and everything in between. They shape our beliefs. So many people tell me that they “cannot change.” But beliefs are one of the things in life that we CAN change. So, bring your weary hearts and minds. You’re invited. The table is set. Just show up. Just ask. All your questions will be answered. Love, Jodi xo

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