Being Yourself, Being Your Self


Did you ever say, “I don’t even know who I am”? What does this mean when we say this?  Do we only have one identity? And our life goal is to find it? As if when we feel this way,…

Reflecting Back The Light


Reflecting Back The Light   When I started my inspirational Facebook page Heal Now and Forever Be In Peace a friend posted this on my wall: There is somewhere close to you and within you where people come to their…

What Do You Think You Are?


As usual, my children and my clients are my greatest teachers. As I was flitting around one morning multitasking as usual, my daughter stopped me to read me a poem. It made me stop and ask myself: What do you think…

How to Create Rituals


We don’t usually think too hard about how to create rituals, since most of the ones that we engage in everyday came from our culture.   I loved the comments and ideas shared after Monday’s post Five Benefits of Ritual….

Five Benefits of Rituals


“Rituals” may be a confusing term for some people. When I was growing up Catholic, this term was off putting to me. It conjured images of black magic.  Little did I realize I was involved in rituals everyday: I recited…

Making a Difference, Organically


I met Ryan Harb last weekend (he and I helped at John Perkins Shapeshifting Leadership workshop) and was blown away at what a light in the world he is. He is making a difference by bringing a whole community together…

Push Beyond Your Limits


Recognize your limits and move beyond them One man was observing another man on the beach fishing. He noticed that he caught some big fish and some little fish. The big fish he threw right back into the water, yet…

How To Be Optimistic, But Not Annoying


Optimism at work I meet with people in a very intimate space. They show me their hearts, share with me things they do not tell anyone else. It is truly an honor and privilege to be invited into another life…

Neediness Anxiety


A few more thoughts on “Need”… (See Thursdays post A Question of Need) Need Worries Many people have neediness anxiety: AKA “worry about being too needy.” Being “too needy” is generally frowned upon in our individualistic culture. And when we…