Allow Yourself To Feel

"You are allowed to feel! You are allowed!" I was "giving permission" to Betty, a client who was attempting to allow herself to be angry for the first time.  She closed her eyes tight, tried to breathe, and stay with [...] Read more

Why is it so hard to heal?

Are you struggling with PTSD, anxiety or depression? This breaks my heart. I see so many people wish they can end their struggle with emotional pain and difficult relationships. They don't get why they still feel so bad despite all [...] Read more

Ease trauma by giving back

Meet Heather Lagoe. She is awesome and you will see why after you watch our video. I met Heather in the airport a few weeks ago and it was as if our souls recognized each other. We chatted like we [...] Read more

You belong. Period.

Big Mistake #2: Thinking you are different Do you think that you are different? Yeah, me too. Of course you are uniquely you in an awesome way. There is no one exactly like you in the world. You are special, [...] Read more

Two ways to get rid of OCD patterns today

Inarguably, OCD patterns are incredibly frustrating. They have the power to infiltrate everything. OCD can attack such a variety of our daily tasks. OCD can have you counting syllables, avoiding certain surfaces in your home, taking 5 hours at the grocery store, thinking dark [...] Read more

Three ways to stop feeling lonely

Do you know why loneliness feels so bad?  In this individualistic culture, we get so ashamed that we can't do everything all by ourselves. This discourse that you are weak or wrong if you need other people can really do [...] Read more

How do I get off my antidepressants?

There are many reasons to use antidepressants. Read about them here: Deciding to drug.  If they are benefitting you, and you are happy, stay the course. There is nothing weak about feeling depressed, anxious or taking medicine. There are also [...] Read more

This might be why you feel so bad

How about a little perspective? When I take things personally, it helps me to keep in mind that: It matters less what happens and more how I think about what happens. What happens come and goes, but the thinking….well, we [...] Read more

Do you believe in miracles?

Were you ever part of miracles happening? There is something about witnessing the uplifting of a soul, that changes how you see the world. My world was changed this weekend. I believe in miracles. Words can almost not describe the [...] Read more

Why is it so hard to heal?

This is the big question. Sometimes trying to feel better is like swimming against a very strong current that wants to drag you the other way. Why is it so hard to heal? The negative voices in our heads can [...] Read more