You belong. Period.


Big Mistake #2: Thinking you are different Do you think that you are different? Yeah, me too. Of course you are uniquely you in an awesome way. There is no one exactly like you in the world. You are special,…

Setting awesome personal boundaries


Do you want to feel awesome instead of feeling heavy, or tired, or miserable? Today’s video is Part 1 of a series of five videos debunking the 5 most common mistakes that keep us suffering. Mistake #1: Not setting personal boundaries…

Generous “to a fault”


What does “too generous” even mean? I often wonder why we put these caveats on such wonderful qualities. Spending yesterday celebrating 40 years of priesthood of an outlandishly generous man, Fr. Jim Callan, I was struck how happy he is….

Three ways to stop feeling lonely


Do you know why loneliness feels so bad?  In this individualistic culture, we get so ashamed that we can’t do everything all by ourselves. This discourse that you are weak or wrong if you need other people can really do…

When your love is insecure


How to help your partner who is insecure There are challenges to loving someone who doesn’t love herself very much. Not in that they are hard to love. That part is easy. When you love someone, you love them. You see…

Shrink #Anxiety by trusting yourself


A long time ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was in the throws of incredible anxiety. I went to see an energy healer to help me. At the end of the session he gave me advice that…

Three reasons you think he doesn’t love you


Relationships take work to sustain. There are ups and downs. The ups sail along nicely. But the downs? They can really kick you in the butt. Any sign of trouble* can raise your insecurity to a devastating level. Or… sometimes it…

Love up instead of worrying down


This saves lives. Believe me. Especially yours. Love people up instead of worrying down.  We are human. And we love people. When we see people suffering, it triggers our mirror neurons to feel that suffering, too. There is something to…

Why saying please is so important


We were all taught when we were little to say “please”, but why is it such an important word to add to every conversation? I’ll tell you in this video… Tweet: Saying please shows a person that they matter…