I miss you means I love you


Missing is a common human phenomenon. I feel “missing” everyday. I miss my  family while I am working. I miss my clients when I am home. I miss friends who live out of town. And old friends I don’t speak…

Ease loss and trauma by giving back


Meet Heather Lagoe. She is awesome and you will see why after you watch our video. I met Heather in the airport a few weeks ago and it was as if our souls recognized each other. We chatted like we…

Express Gratitude! #31daysofgratitude


Get ready! I have a challenge for you that has literally changed people’s lives. You have a few days to plan and create a strategy to join us for this exercise! Let’s one up the gratitude journal by adding a…

Are you unlucky?


Mistake #4: Thinking you are unlucky I had a client who told me that he was the most unlucky person in the world. Wow! Top that for a definitive statement! But his girlfriend confirmed this for me so it must…

You belong. Period.


Big Mistake #2: Thinking you are different Do you think that you are different? Yeah, me too. Of course you are uniquely you in an awesome way. There is no one exactly like you in the world. You are special,…

Setting awesome personal boundaries


Do you want to feel awesome instead of feeling heavy, or tired, or miserable? Today’s video is Part 1 of a series of five videos debunking the 5 most common mistakes that keep us suffering. Mistake #1: Not setting personal boundaries…

Generous “to a fault”


What does “too generous” even mean? I often wonder why we put these caveats on such wonderful qualities. Spending yesterday celebrating 40 years of priesthood of an outlandishly generous man, Fr. Jim Callan, I was struck how happy he is….