Do you believe in miracles?


Were you ever part of miracles happening? There is something about witnessing the uplifting of a soul, that changes how you see the world. My world was changed this weekend. I believe in miracles. Words can almost not describe the…

Why you take things personally


“Sometimes when people think they’re putting obstacles in your path, they’re actually laying your stepping-stones. You just got to recognize them as one and the same” ~Daniel Black  “Perfect Peace” Do you take things personally?  Something goes wrong in your…

How do you get through a hard time?


At this point I have watched thousands of people get through awful times, and while they are forever changed by what they went through, it is not always in a bad way. Here is what some of my friends say about…

Sexual harassment is everyone’s problem


Is it a crime to be beautiful? I need your help. I heard this story recently about a young, attractive teacher in a middle school. I’m interested to know what you think about it. An inappropriate note was found on…

Women Need Women


Why women need women In the 1.3 billion year history since Homo Erectus walked the earth, we have only lived predominantly in single family homes for less than 100 years. That’s a drop in the ocean. For millions and millions…

Can You Be Too Generous? I Don’t Think So


Do you judge yourself as too generous? I think this can make a person who  already feels unappreciated feel even worse. I’d rather celebrate my generosity and then I feel appreciated! I recently had a dream that an old friend,…

Let it Go Like Water off a Duck’s Back


  Ever reference a cliché to a teenager and they have no idea what you are talking about? I said, “Like water off a duck’s back” to a client the other day, and she gave me that “What’s-off-who’s-now?” look.  I…

Are You Feeling Lonely?


Are you feeling lonely this holiday? Loneliness is one of the worst feelings in the world. So many people feel alone, and holidays–since it seems as if everyone besides you is happy and warm–enhance these feelings.