Can You Be Too Generous? I Don’t Think So


Do you judge yourself as too generous? I think this can make a person who  already feels unappreciated feel even worse. I’d rather celebrate my generosity and then I feel appreciated! I recently had a dream that an old friend,…

Positive, Present Tense, Repetition, High Emotion


When I was in grade school, I went to a memory improvement workshop. The leader taught us four important elements to improving memory skills. They are positive, present tense, repetition, and high emotion. They are hard to write without yelling….

Crisis: A Time Of Danger; A Time Of Opportunity


The loneliness in any crisis can be the worst part. I am grateful that crisis  brings with it opportunity to come together. To show compassion, love and strength. We can do and be exponentially more in collaboration than we ever can…

How Not To Keep Up With The Joneses


Two quotes struck me this week: “Healing is always a collective experience, just as abuse is always a collective experience. Tragically, our culture has become more skilled at collective trauma than it is at collective healing. It is up to…

Everything Belongs, Everyone Belongs


*Everything Belongs by Richard Rohr is an excellent read. He says that everything is divine. Everything, equally. When I said Friday to include everyone, I really meant INCLUDE EVERYONE. Not “leave some people out.” If we are all connected, then…

How Do You Know You Are Happy?


Why is it that people know sadness more than happiness? Why do the negative stories of our lives stand out so much more prominently in our minds than the good stuff? Why do we hear all of the no’s and…

What If You’ve Done Nothing Wrong?


Guilt. It plagues us all. It makes us feel embarrassed, humiliated, undeserving, unworthy and small. Guilt feels worse than awful which immobilizes us so we get stuck in this miserable place. We all make mistakes and bad choices sometimes. Mostly it is accidental…