When your love is insecure


How to help your partner who is insecure There are challenges to loving someone who doesn’t love herself very much. Not in that they are hard to love. That part is easy. When you love someone, you love them. You see…

Love up instead of worrying down


This saves lives. Believe me. Especially yours. Love people up instead of worrying down.  We are human. And we love people. When we see people suffering, it triggers our mirror neurons to feel that suffering, too. There is something to…

When good intentions go wrong


Did you ever give advice from your heart and–to your total bafflement–upset the very person you were trying to help? In today’s short video, I am going to tell you why you ought only to give advice if someone asks…

New Year’s Mission


Every Labor Day, I reflect on my life’s work. It is perfect timing with the start of the new academic year. Any “beginning” is a time for reflection on what’s worked in the past and what needs changing. Change is…

Just Doing What Kids Do By Lisa McCrohan


I love Lisa’s blog Gems Of Delights, where she delights us with your words of love and wisdom. Today she is here telling a precious story for our eager ears. Such a delight! I am so grateful to know her!…

How Do You Know You Are Happy?


Why is it that people know sadness more than happiness? Why do the negative stories of our lives stand out so much more prominently in our minds than the good stuff? Why do we hear all of the no’s and…

When Someone You Love Is In Pain


When someone you love is in pain, you look for ways to be helpful. When we love someone so much, it seems harder to see them hurting than to feel hurt ourselves. I find this especially true with my children….