Express Gratitude! #31daysofgratitude


Get ready! I have a challenge for you that has literally changed people’s lives. You have a few days to plan and create a strategy to join us for this exercise! Let’s one up the gratitude journal by adding a…

How to protect yourself from negative energy


Horrible, unspeakable stories dominate the news; people are all walking around defeated and struggling; our efforts are met with disappointment; loss is everywhere; and negative voices continue to infiltrate our minds. We are engulfed with negativity day in and day out….

Can You Be Too Generous? I Don’t Think So


Do you judge yourself as too generous? I think this can make a person who  already feels unappreciated feel even worse. I’d rather celebrate my generosity and then I feel appreciated! I recently had a dream that an old friend,…

Uncovering the Symbols Of Christmas


I love symbols, and Christmas is full of them! Here are some that I picked up over the years. Twelve Symbols of Christmas 1. Light It is not a coincidence that the Christmas story takes place near the Northern Hemisphere’s…

Why did you become a therapist?


Last week, someone I just met asked me, “Why did you become a therapist?” The words, “I don’t know” flew out of my mouth. “You don’t know?” he said indignant. But I paused to think. I thought about all the…