How to protect yourself from negative energy


Horrible, unspeakable stories dominate the news; people are all walking around defeated and struggling; our efforts are met with disappointment; loss is everywhere; and negative voices continue to infiltrate our minds. We are engulfed with negativity day in and day out….

Can You Be Too Generous? I Don’t Think So


Do you judge yourself as too generous? I think this can make a person who  already feels unappreciated feel even worse. I’d rather celebrate my generosity and then I feel appreciated! I recently had a dream that an old friend,…

Uncovering the Symbols Of Christmas


I love symbols, and Christmas is full of them! Here are some that I picked up over the years. Twelve Symbols of Christmas 1. Light It is not a coincidence that the Christmas story takes place near the Northern Hemisphere’s…

Why did you become a therapist?


Last week, someone I just met asked me, “Why did you become a therapist?” The words, “I don’t know” flew out of my mouth. “You don’t know?” he said indignant. But I paused to think. I thought about all the…

How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways


1. Make time for yourself to lie down and connect with the earth. Whether I can be outside or not, lying down supine on the earth is my favorite position to forgive.  To let everything go, I just imagine it…

The Unnaming By Kristen Roderick


I am so please to introduce Kristen Roderick this beautiful Monday morning! She is a woman after my own heart. Bending and folding through time to better undertsand herself and other women. Her writing is fresh and raw. It’s boldness…

The Search For Self Love


  The search for self love begins when you let go of trying so hard to be perfect. When you let go of one expectation that has been more of a prison than a goal, the first step in your…