Getting Rid of OCD and Shame

About a year ago, I made a video about OCD and it caused a lot of controversy because I think people didn't understand it. I've been working with people with OCD for a really long time and I've known a [...] Read more

7 Ways To Help Your Kids With Anxiety

My babies are my world I can't stand to see them suffer. I know they are spiritual beings on their own journey and they have to have their own experiences, but couldn't they just have good experiences? Couldn't I just [...] Read more

How to Build Self-Confidence

Trust yourself One day my spiritual teacher told me that the next steps in my journey were to build faith in myself equal to my faith in God. Kind of big shoes to fill. She didn’t mean that I had [...] Read more

Eat Weeds To Increase Gut Flora

I’ve always been in awe of plants. They are so alive, vibrant, resilient, diverse, and nurturing. In the last several years, I have gotten closer to this passion by studying the medicinal value in plants just outside my door. Strangely [...] Read more

Conquer Your Fear Of Flying

Last week, I boarded a plane in the early morning and sat next to a beautiful 27 year old woman named Brittany. She engaged me in conversation which is unfortunately unusual these days on airplanes. She asked what I was [...] Read more

Two ways to get rid of OCD patterns today

Inarguably, OCD patterns are incredibly frustrating. They have the power to infiltrate everything. OCD can attack such a variety of our daily tasks. OCD can have you counting syllables, avoiding certain surfaces in your home, taking 5 hours at the grocery store, thinking dark [...] Read more

How to protect yourself from negative energy

Horrible, unspeakable stories dominate the news; people are all walking around defeated and struggling; our efforts are met with disappointment; loss is everywhere; and negative voices continue to infiltrate our minds. We are engulfed with negativity day in and day out. [...] Read more