Dancing Through Cancer Viral Video


Today you can also find me on Gems Of Delight. When You Allow Yourself To Feel You Allow Yourself To Heal. It is so important to find a way to empower ourselves when an event, loss, or diagnosis attempts to…

No One Understands Me


There are all these quotations on Facebook that tell us that we just have to “let go” of our feelings and we’ll “feel better.” But when our feelings are so intense and we would give anything to get rid of…

Spring Is A Time For Renewal


For many reasons, I am feeling a huge weight off this week. I think it is because Spring has sprung. The worst of the winter is behind us. And this winter seemed like a cold and heavy one. With so…

How Do You Know You Are Happy?


Why is it that people know sadness more than happiness? Why do the negative stories of our lives stand out so much more prominently in our minds than the good stuff? Why do we hear all of the no’s and…

Rape In The News: There Is Justice


Just Sunday morning I woke up to three national news stories of rape. Air_Force_trainer_gets_4_years_for_raping_trainee Ohio_to_consider_charges_against_others_in_rape Indian_police_arrest_5_over_Swiss_tourists_rape It is not because rape is more prevalent. It is because girls and women, wrapped in their communities, are coming forward. Saying this is…

When Someone You Love Is In Pain


When someone you love is in pain, you look for ways to be helpful. When we love someone so much, it seems harder to see them hurting than to feel hurt ourselves. I find this especially true with my children….