Spring Is A Time For Renewal


For many reasons, I am feeling a huge weight off this week. I think it is because Spring has sprung. The worst of the winter is behind us. And this winter seemed like a cold and heavy one. With so…

Poems By Rumi


Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī 1207-1273  There is something about poems by Rumi that captures us, makes us understand what we may not have before. The phrases cut right through our minds, slicing it open and going directly into our hearts. We…

How to Create Rituals


We don’t usually think too hard about how to create rituals, since most of the ones that we engage in everyday came from our culture.   I loved the comments and ideas shared after Monday’s post Five Benefits of Ritual….

Five Benefits of Rituals


“Rituals” may be a confusing term for some people. When I was growing up Catholic, this term was off putting to me. It conjured images of black magic.  Little did I realize I was involved in rituals everyday: I recited…

Happy Buddha Vesak Day!


May 5th is Buddhism’s holiest day this year. Buddha Vesak Day celebrates the birth, the enlightenment, and the passing of Buddha on the full moon.   Let’s take a deep breath with all of that Celebrate Buddha Vesak Day by…